At this time, Punished 4 Protecting (P4P) is working behind the scenes to establish training videos for ease of use - these should be posted very soon. They will be modules that you can take at your own pace and will help to educate you regarding a variety of "need to know" elements involved in Family Court, Child Custody and how to navigate affiliated service and agencies typically involved in the Family Court and Child Custody paradigm.

P4P features weekly ZOOM classes, which are "live" with an instructor and/or coach who has been involved in Family Court and Child Custody as litigants or professionals. Some of our ZOOM class Instructors have over fifteen (15) years knowledge and reach back to share . . . these are the folks who know the dynamics of the Family Court and Child Custody industry and what pitfalls to avoid. This allows us to get to know you- and for you to ask important questions that would otherwise cost you a fortune.

P4P extends this training series at nominal cost at the present time and promises our training programs will never be expensive because we believe in supporting families in crisis. P4P intends for our members and guests alike to have equal access for learning how to mitigate Family Court and relative services and agencies.



When you register for a Zoom Class be certain to include the state you live in so we enter you into the appropriate class. Fill out the form below to register and click the link under donations located in the membership prompt top of website  to remit payment through PayPal which allows us to vet each participant. 

The Zoom Classes are weekly two (2) day class and the fees are to be paid prior to attending classes. If you wonder why as a 501(c) 4 P4P charges for classes, the reason is that the remittances This allows us to keep the wheels in motion each week. If you are a P4P member, click on the P4P member link to remit your Zoom payment. The payments can be per week, per month or annual. Our fee is `10.00 per week and covers 2 classes. If you can not afford this please simply put as little as .01 cents in the donation area and you will still get a class ID. We have to charge to recoup the costs we pay for out of pocket. Thank you for understanding. Please also consider donating to our cause as we work for thousands of families Nationwide with ZERO funding. 



As we update our training platform, we'll identify courses at this link and page of our website. We are working to achieve prepared course materials and to make them available for online self-modulation as well as continue live training programs.

Return often to learn more. A new list will be introduced very soon.

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Class registration online through is a weekly 10.00 membership. No one is ever turned away who can not afford in order to pay for membership please go to the donation prompt on this site- you can obtain a class ID by putting as little as .01 cent. 

We do have a vetting process. | Kindly fill out the form. 

In the message section tell us a brief description of your case and whether it is related to Family Court, Child Protective Services (CPS), Foster Care or Adoption.

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