Punished 4 Protecting, Inc. (P4P), is a 501 (c)4 and does accept dona-tions. These can be provided through credit card, debit card, mobile app and/or check. If you would like to conduct a wire transfer, please reach out to us to arrange the transfer. Any/all assistance in the form of donation aids us in the ongoing battle to reform Family Court and/or to assist families who often spend their life savings paying for Family Court custodial matters.

P4P would like to be enabled to provide greater support to qualifying families who are victimized by the inhumanity and injustices often wielded in Family Court when Child Protective Services (CPS) enter the litigation and begin navigating children wrongfully through their revenue generating machine.

P4P knows, and understands, not every court nor every judiciary, treats children like chatle but for those that do, families and child-ren require intervention and assistance to succeed in reaching best outcomes. P4P is enabled to assist those families through your char-itable donations and we do receipt for every donor to use in their taxes

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