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501 (C) 4 OVERVIEW:

Punished 4 Protecting, Inc. (P4P) as a 501 (c) 4 social welfare non-profit Family Court Reform entity, was established January 2018. Family Court (i.e.: formerly Domestic Court) is a trillion-dollar industry, which is derelict and full of pervasive corruption. The Holy Trinity that is deriding millions of families includes Bar Associations, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Child Protective Services (DHHS-CPS) and Department of Social Services (DHHS-DSS), and Family Court. Their errors in judgment, enacted under the auspices of proactive Child Welfare Act reformation has resulted in adverse outcomes due to this industry’s impact on state budgets. In most states, DHHS extends a greater revenue source than the states, because of this, it behooves the Trinity of power to extend and expand service portfolios where possible to drive up earnings while each parent involved in Family Court spends approximately 80K to 250K as a standard. Many Family Court cases exceed $500K. P4P actively promotes families and their rights. P4P educates parents through legal and child welfare endowments, trauma reduction counseling, safe housing, and other services. It is important to note that National Coalition for family court & CPS Reform was the original foundation for 9 plus years prior to an over-haul and name change to Punished 4 Protecting, Inc. 4 The Children (c) 2018 


  • Domestic violence, child abuse & ADA Expert 
  • Administrative and General Management – including Household
  • Child and Youth Services
  • Consulting
  • Counseling
  • Document Planning  Educational Support
  • Family Services
  • Marketing Consulting Benefits
  • Professional Development Training
  • Public Relations
  • Training
  • Exposing and filing USDOJ NON-COMPLIANCE REPORTS 


P4P understands children, parents and families plight when encountering the Family Court equity platform. Arriving at a determination to invoke Family Court in the settlement of child custody is viewed within the court as an estate rendering and that is just the tip of a very large legal iceberg. Due to this, P4P began serving the social welfare of families, which includes their children, those services are:

  • Advocacy when Child and Youth Services are necessary
  • Family Court Comprehension Counseling
  • Family Court Primer and Follow-on(s) pre-, during-, post-Court Training
  • Forums for Discussion
  • Legal Preparation Administrative Management
  • Membership
  • Public Relations Endeavors toward Congressional Solutions 
  • Whistleblower Support and Advocacy


So, what makes us different from “other” Family Court Social Welfare platforms? P4P is the only 501 (c) 4 actively engages families. With many Family Court Solutions & affiliations, P4P works to identify parent and child needs first and doesn’t flinch in working with the entire reform community to resolve errors in judgment Family Court Judges often wield on unsuspecting families. What sets P4P apart is that we are a social welfare advocacy and have political involvement in our commitment to Family Court Reform. This is an important aspect in the enactment of social justice change. Families pitted against a trillion-dollar pork barrel, the Trinity of Family Court represents, do not deserve to be blind sighted by Family Court’s slick routines called the “Silver Bullet Technique” or “Counsel”. And we acknowledge there are cases with positive outcomes. And good people exist in every dynamic of the Family Court’s systemized revenue machine; however, their careers are often a pivotal element in key decision-making where the fear of losing their jobs may turn the best people into complacent participants. P4P is aids these individuals in whistleblowing, which is required to enact sweeping reform of the Family Court Trinity that is resulting in familial loss, human loss and wrongful revenue-gains.




DOS ID #: 5260644


Need something like affiliations, certifications, etc. in this space or the classes that are provided or memberships . . . something that expands your representation. Whatever will better qualify P4P.


541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

541613 Marketing Consulting Services

541618 Other Management Consulting Services

541820 Public Relations Agencies

561410 Document Preparation Services

611430 Professional Development Training

611710 Educational Support Services

624110 Child and Youth Services

621190 Other Individual and Family Services


Ms. Francesca Amato

Chief Executive Officer (CE0)

Punished 4 Protecting, INC.

PO Box 1110

Albany, New York 12201-1110